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City of Gonzalez General Plan Update

The City of Gonzales launched its 2010 revision of the City’s General Plan. The City is currently working with Monterey County on a Memorandum of Agreement that expands the City’s Sphere of Influence. In reviewing the City’s environmental document, LandWatch noted significant impacts to the environment, traffic, agricultural lands, and air and water quality. For this reason, LandWatch is now actively monitoring the situation and will work closely with our supporters to ensure our quality of life is maintained.

LandWatch Position: Achieved Southern Growth Boundry

Project Status: Approved

Quick Facts

Project Status

Project Location Map

This map shows planning area and sphere of influence for the City of Gonzales.

Full Size Map (152K PDF file)

Credit: City of Gonzales General Plan (January 2011)

Resources At Risk

LandWatch Involvement

LandWatch engages in the public process in a variety of ways. For this project, here is a list of our engagement strategies.

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