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Monterey County’s most significant land use challenge is insuring adequate housing, properly located and affordable to ordinary persons. Simply building lots more houses, wherever the land is cheap (usually farmland), does not produce the housing we need. That strategy produces bedroom communities, and is a sure route to sprawl. There are solutions that have been effective elsewhere. LandWatch supports community investment in housing, innovative infill designs, inclusionary housing requirements, and permanent affordability covenants.

Affordable Housing

Center for Community Advocacy Accord

  • Ag Land Preservation Group and Affordable Housing Group Announce Historic Accord
    LandWatch has joined forces with the Center for Community Advocacy (CCA), a Salinas-based farmworker advocacy group. In an historic accord, CCA and LandWatch have agreed to work together on affordable housing and urban growth boundaries, so that development interests can no longer pit "the environment" against the absolutely legitimate need for affordable housing. (07.29.99)

Fort Ord Housing

  • It's Time To Contact FORA Board Members
    The Board of Directors of the Fort Ord Reuse Authority will vote on July 11th on a set of affordable housing policies that could have an incredibly positive impact, if adopted. Here's how to contact FORA Board Members by phone, email, or regular mail. (posted 07.06.03)

  • LandWatch Supports Farr Affordable Housing Recommendations
    This long letter provides a detailed legal and policy justification for the affordable housing policies that the FORA Board will consider on July 11, 2003. (posted 07.05.03)

  • Farr Recommendations Would Mandate Affordable Housing on Fort Ord
    Currently, FORA makes no specific requirement that affordable housing be constructed on the Former Fort Ord. That's left up to the local jurisdictions. Sam Farr's recommendations would change all that! (posted 07.05.03)

  • LandWatch Authors Joint Letter on Fort Ord Housing
    Congress Member Sam Farr has proposed that at least 50% of the housing constructed at the former Fort Ord should be affordable to local working families, and should be capable of purchase or rental by persons with average and below average incomes. LandWatch applauds this effort, and has authored a "sign on" letter joined by many groups.

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